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Veterinary Prescriptions

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Pets, like people, have special needs. We can create a specially formulated medication that tastes pleasant and is acceptable to your pet. Sometimes pet owners purchase medicine for their pets before realizing the pet will not take it.  No problem!  Bring in the medicine in the prescription bottle and we will use the leftover tablets to make your compound.


  • Unfortunately, hyperthyroidism is very common in cats. Often these felines need to be medicated throughout their entire lives. At Hieber's, we have several delivery systems for your beloved cats. 
  • Triple fish suspension - Make virtually any medicine into a fish-flavored suspension for your cat.  Cats often foam at the mouth when they taste something bitter.  We can add Bitter-Stop to mask any bitter tasting powders and prevent foaming.  We work with pet owners to find a suitable formulation that your cat will like. Chicken flavored suspensions are also available.  
  • Transdermal Lipoderm Cream - This transdermal cream is applied to the inside of your cat's ear and is absorbed directly into the blood stream.  


  • Liver Pâté Suspension - Often dogs require much smaller doses than are commercially available.  We at Hieber's are able to compound medicines in accurate dosage forms that dogs love.  We are able to make beef, liver, and other flavored suspensions to cater to your dog's taste.  


  • Ferretone flavored suspensions -  Many ferrets enjoy the taste of ferretone.  The staff at Hieber's decided to take advantage of this fact and use it as a base in compounding. The added benefit of ferretone is the vitamin supplement that helps keep your ferret's coat glossy. 

Tropical Birds

  • V-8 Flavored Suspensions - In the event that your bird needs medication, we are able to create a medicine that will be a special treat for your bird.

Your home and garden may provide potential dangers to your pets. Certain plants, foods, medications, etc. can be potentially dangerous to our furry and feathered friends. Click here for some examples to be aware of and who to call if your pet ingests something toxic!

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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