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Practitioner Fact Sheet

Health Professional Fact Page

At Hieber's Pharmacy our pharmacists are committed to working with you and your staff to maximize your patient's medication therapy.  Below are some commonly asked questions and general information for physicians.

Are your compounded medications FDA approved?

Getting FDA approval is a long and complicated process as well as very costly.  We use FDA approved medications in different forms.

Why should I refer a patient to Hieber's Pharmacy?

The staff is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in regards to all fields of compounding. We will work with you and your patient to provide a custom medication that is safe and effective

How do I write a prescription for a compounded prescription?

Give us a call and we will fax you a sample blank prescription. There are a variety of vehicles of administration that Hieber's uses, such as foams, suppositories, gels, poly-ox prescriptions, lollipops, troches, sublingual tablets, injections, ophthalmic eye drops, and nasal sprays. Please do not hesitate to call and consult with our trained compounding pharmacists. 

What other services do you offer physicians?

At Hieber's Pharmacy we are able to order a myriad of medical supplies and medications that other pharmacies may not have access to. In addition, we are able to provide medical supplies to laboratories and other licensed professionals. We help update crash carts.  We can also supply physician's offices with traditional or compounded medications. 

What is an in-service and how can I schedule one?

An in-service is an educational meeting that allows physicians and their staff to learn about compounding and the preparations that we compound at Hieber's Pharmacy.  You can schedule an in-service for you and your staff either at our facility or in your own office.  E-mail info@Hiebers.com for more details. 

A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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