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Hieber's Pharmacy offers a large array of foot care products including prescription items and over-the-counter supplies.  We also offer high quality arch supports, orthotic supports, metatarsal arch cushions and heel cups. 

Podiatry Prescriptions

  • Anti-fungal Creams or Powders- We offer over-the-counter products such as Zeasorb as well as compounded prescriptions.  
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers- Our knowledgeable pharmacists can work with your physician to suggest a variety of foot creams that treat ulcers.  One example compound is Misoprostol 0.0024% Phenytoin 5% gel.   
  • Urea 50% Cream- This prescription-only compound helps to painlessly remove toenails. 
  • The ointment mill is used to reduce the particle size of urea, the active ingredient in our custom foot softener. 

Podiatry Supplies

  • Bell-horn Heel Cups- This product helps eliminate heel pain and restore balance.  
  • Diabetes Socks- Some diabetic patients are extremely sensitive to socks that have course seams or that bind the foot.  Diabetes socks are soft and seamless to help patients avoid complications. 
  • Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Boots- While sleeping, most people are likely to point their feet.  This boot helps to hold the foot in a flexed position during the night.  While the foot is flexed, the calf and plantar fascia are gently stretched throughout the night to avoid foot pain in the morning and throughout the day.  We also have a plantar fasciitis brace which offers gentle support throughout the day and night. 
  • Spenco Arch Cushions- Arch cushions are suggested for patients with flat feet who experience pain in the arches of their feet. 
  • Spenco Metatarsal Arch Cushions- Metatarsal Arch Cushions provide support to the metatarsal region of the foot and alleviate pain in the ball of the foot. 
  • Spenco Orthotics- Orthotics help support patients with painful pronounced arches as well as plantar fasciitis patients.  
A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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