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As any parent knows, infants and children are not "little adults."  Sometimes commercially available products are not available in pediatric doses.  Also, any parent knows how heartbreaking it is to fight with a sick child.  At Hieber's Pharmacy, we offer a variety of stress-free solutions including transdermal ibuprofen to reduce fevers and a variety of flavored oral suspensions. We even have vehicles that allow you to administer medicine directly into your infant's pacifier or bottle. 

Vehicles commonly used for Pediatric Patients

  • Baby Bottle - This bottle allows the parent to administer the oral suspension directly into a baby's mouth, past the baby's taste buds, as he or she is drinking from a bottle.  The suspension is measured in an oral syringe and then inserted into the bottle.  As the baby drinks from this bottle, the parent slowly presses the plunger of the syringe, to administer the medicine without any fuss.  
  • Flavored Oral Suspensions - We compound oral suspensions that are both tasty and practical.  We can compound oral suspensions for pediatric doses that may not be commercially available.  The added bonus is that the suspension can be made with your choice of flavor.  
  • Pacifier - This device works like a normal pacifier but has a compartment for the medicine.  As the baby sucks, the medicine is administered.  
  • Suppositories - We can compound suppositories with a variety of active ingredients.  This is especially helpful for patients who are nauseous or cannot swallow medicine.  
  • Transdermal Creams - Transdermal creams allow medicine to be absorbed directly through the skin into the blood stream.  This can be very effective for fussy, sick children or nauseous patients who cannot swallow medicine.  

Common Pediatric Prescriptions

  • Antibiotic Oral Solutions and Suspensions - We are able to compound a variety of antibiotics in many flavors such as marshmallow, tutti-frutti, and raspberry.  We also have ingredients that mask bitter tasting powder.   
  • Healing Paste - We compound a healing paste that helps protect baby's skin from moisture while also soothing and healing any red, irritated skin.  
  • Ibuprofen Cream - This cream allows ibuprofen to be absorbed directly into the skin of your child. Apply the cream to the wrist to reduce fever and pain associated with childhood illnesses.  (This cream can also be used by adults suffering from various types of pain.)  
  • Preservative Free Injections, e.g. B12.
A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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