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At Hieber's Pharmacy, we work together with dentists and patients to treat some of the most common dental conditions, including thrush, cold sores, dry sockets, and burning mouth syndrome.  We also compound hemostatics, bleaching gels, dry socket mixtures, and saliva stimulants.

Compounding Vehicles for Dentistry

  • Flavored Gels and Mouthwashes - Gels and mouthwashes can be used as medication delivery systems.  They can be made alcohol free.  Using these vehicles, antibiotics and pain medications can be applied locally in the oral cavity to avoid possible systemic side effects.
  • Lip Balms - Used both to medicate and to moisturize the lips. Antiviral medications can be made less conspicuous in a small lip stick type container, e.g. acyclovir.
  • Lollipops - Lollipops made at Hieber's are palatable and practical.  As they dissolve, the active ingredient is absorbed directly into the oral cavity.  Lollipops are good vehicles for saliva stimulants, pre-procedure sedatives and for antifungals that treat oral thrush.   It can also be used for anti gag effects (out Anti Gag Lollipops).
  • Poly-Ox - A non-prescription powder which when applied, coats an ulcer or cut in the mouth to allow the area to heal.  When prescribed by a dentist, the protective powder can be compounded with clobetasol or triamcinolone to aid in the healing process.  Poly-ox also acts as a vehicle for antihistamines, anesthetics, antivirals, and other healing agents. Click here for video.
  • Topical Agents - Oral gels can be compounded with analgesic medicines to provide pain management before and after dental procedures. Transdermal gels are flavored for internal use and can be used to provide relief from injections of anesthetics. 
  • Troches - Troches are small lozenges that dissolve between the cheek and the gum. As they dissolve, the active ingredient is delivered.  Troches can be helpful vehicles for medications that stimulate saliva production or medications that treat burning mouth syndrome.  

Common Dental Compounds

  • Dry Socket Formulations - Many dry socket mixtures are available including pastes and powders.  
  • Fluoride Solutions - Hieber's prepares stock solutions for many dentistry practices in the area including fluoride solutions that are available flavored or unflavored.  
  • Cement Agents - A compound that helps seal root canal systems.  
  • Tranexamic acid - This prescription compound acts as a hemostatic to stop bleeding in the mouth after dental surgery.  This is especially helpful with patients who take anticoagulants.  Tranexamic acid allows the patients to continue anticoagulant therapy during oral surgery.  
A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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