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History of Hieber's Pharmacy

Hiebers Pharmacy started in 1865

Albert and Ben Hieber originally opened Hieber's Drug Store in the Strip District around 1860.  The pharmacy moved several times to various locations on Fifth Avenue, until Frank Stanish bought the pharmacy in 1945.  He brought the store to its present location on the corner of Fifth and McKee.  In 1948, Ed (Sonny) Kilkeary partnered with Frank Stanish and remained as the owner of Hieber's Pharmacy until Joe Bettinger acquired the store in 2000. 

Hieber's has a long history of excellence in compounding and patient care.   Some of our famous firsts are:

  • The first pharmacy in Pittsburgh to make progesterone and boric acid suppositories
  • One of the first pharmacies in the area to dispense the polio vaccine to neighboring schools in the late 1950's.  Hieber's pharmacists worked directly with Dr. Jonas Salk, the original developer of the vaccine, to dispense the vaccine.

Hieber's Pharmacy has always worked closely with the neighboring hospitals to provide physicians and patients with quality compounds and medical supplies.  That tradition in excellence continues to this day under the direction of Joe Bettinger and his talented, knowledgeable staff. 

Joe Bettinger R.Ph.

Meet the pharmacist, Joe Bettinger R.Ph.

As a young man, Joseph Bettinger worked as a stock boy in a local pharmacy.  This experience allowed him to become well-acquainted with the profession of pharmacy and gave him an opportunity to witness an independent pharmacy in action.  

Joe graduated from St. John's University in 1976 and began working in a large chain pharmacy. He later sought a position in a small independent pharmacy.  Joe's interest in compounding began when he was able to compound the medicine that his godson needed that was not commercially available. Soon another patient needed a compounded prescription for minoxidil, a hair growth agent, which is now marketed as Rogaine®.  Joe and his colleagues soon realized how important compounding is for individual patient needs. 

Joe Bettinger R.Ph.

Joe joined Professional Compounding Centers of http://www.hiebers.com/editor/imgs/spacer.pngAmerica (PCCA) and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP) and his interest in compounding continued to grow.  His involvement with these organizations and other compounding professionals has developed his skills in all aspects of compounding including non-sterile and sterile techniques. 

Joe acquired Hieber's Pharmacy in 2000 and under his direction Hieber's has continued to provide excellent patient care through compounding.  Under his management, the pharmacy has acquired new state-of-the-art equipment, such as the Laminar Flow Hood Glovebox which ensures compounds are sterile.  Recent renovations have doubled the space for technicians and pharmacists to compound. 


A prescription from a licensed practitioner is required for compounded medications.
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